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200MW photovoltaic solar power generation project
200MW photovoltaic solar power generation project
Affected by geographical environment and climatic environment, South Kazakhstan has a shortage of water resources, but has sufficient light, sunshine time can be 2200-3000 hours / year, and the local power infrastructure is backward. The local government is eager to solve the problem of electricity shortage in order to improve the quality of life of local residents and accelerate industrial development. The government attaches great importance to photovoltaic power generation and other environmental protection projects. August 15th 2017. South Kazakhstan, Governor of South Kazakhstan signed a memorandum of cooperation with our company for the 200MW photovoltaic solar energy project, which is named "Solar Light". The project covers an area of about 482 metric tonsand power generating capacity is 200 mw. The implementation and commissioning of the project, the largest photovoltaic project in Central Asia, will help ease power tensions in South Kazakhstan.


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