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Company mission: to achieve the dream of man, to achieve personal value, and a better life
Company vision: to lead the industry progress, to take on social responsibility, and let our employees take pride in;
Talent concept: build a learning platform, respect for talent, train talent, and achieve talent;
Business philosophy: integrity, efficiency, innovation, and excellence
Company quality policy
Create first-class equipment, shaping the brand of Beihai
Provide quality services, strict integrity performance
Adhere to scientific management, the pursuit of innovation and development
Environmental policy
Develop clean energy to achieve energy efficiency
Abide by laws and regulations to protect and optimize the environment
Implement cleaner production, to construct ecological Beihai
Occupational health and safety policy
People oriented, caring for life, to ensure the health of employees
Safety first, prevention first, to create a harmonious enterprise
Comprehensive management, safety production, to realize standardization management

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